We provide leading solutions for large and small businesses alike. Whether it’s providing a range of ongoing services for smaller office units or retail developments to large and complex industrial companies, our Gas Safe registered commercial gas engineers ensure the highest standard of service. We also provide the commercial sector with Facilities management day-to-day maintenance, upgrades, installations and testing of all heating and plumbing systems, Legionella testing, inspection and treatment. We use an advanced electronic based system which enables us to keep our clients updated with a fast efficient process.

Facility managers have numerous tasks on their schedule, including taking care of the plumbing, gas & drainage for the properties they manage.
At Ashton’s we can create a commercial plumbing preventative maintenance program to look after all your needs within your properties.
This involves pre planned maintenance on all moving components.
Annual servicing on gas and water appliances.
Drainage surveys and clearances
Legionella inspections.
Inspections and repairs to pipework

Why have a plumbing preventative plan?

* Spot Issues Early – One of the biggest benefits of preventative maintenance is giving you chance to spot any potential issues early. This is very important as it is usually more affordable and less labour-intensive to handle a minor problem than a major one. At the same time, if you leave a small issue unsolved, it can quickly get worse and cause restrictions in operations.
* Saves Money via Efficiency – It may seem counterintuitive at first but creating an overhead cost for maintenance upfront will reduce your overall maintenance costs. One way in which this happens is by improving your plumbing system’s efficiency. If the system is well-maintained, it will operate as it is designed to, which will help it be more efficient. This will lower the energy costs.
* Saves Money by Extending the System’s Lifespan – Another way that preventative plumbing maintenance saves money is by extending the various components’ lifespans. This will free up more cash in your budget for other tasks.
* Saves Money by Preventing Major Issues – It also saves money via the previous point of spotting issues early. As mentioned, that prevents problems from getting worse and, therefore, more expensive. Without maintenance, your system may need an expensive overhaul.
* Improves Your Ability to Budget – A combination of all of the above factors means that using a preventative maintenance program will make it easier for you to plan your commercial plumbing budget. To start, you can calculate and discuss with our team the overhead costs each visit or month and the schedule of cover you require as soon as you set up the program. This can help with long-term planning. Additionally, the reduced likelihood of needing sudden, major repairs means that you are less likely to have a sudden large expense in your plumbing budget. Instead, your engineer can advise you on which repairs can be delayed. Or, when you are approaching needing a new plumbing system replaced. This gives you more time to plan the appropriate budget.


At Ashton plumbing & heating we have qualified engineers who can spot any potential issues that may cause legionaries disease.
They are trained to inspect, test, and treat and system you may have.
Why is legionella testing important?
Regular testing for legionella can help prevent potential and sometimes fatal outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease. Furthermore, routine legionella testing helps to safeguard the health and well-being of building occupants, tenants, and visitors to any facility.